Sorenth "happy" Gorender

The Count of Coin


Owner and bartender of the Purple Lady festhall, he is the supervisor of blackmail operations. He collects information through his purple ladies. If people don’t pay up. Twilight Knight or his lackeys will pay them a visit. The Purple Lady is a good place for agents to meet for many folk come there from all classes, high and low.

Sorenth is a man with a handsome face and long, gently curling blond hair that hangs to his shoulders. He loves his hair, and usually ties it in a ponytail with a ribbon in keeping with his dress that night. He almost always smiles

Sorenth maintaines an air of elegance and charm, always sociable, friendly, and courteous. Even when he is angry, his manners are perfect. He thus seemes very trustworthy.


Sorenth "happy" Gorender

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