Night Masks (the guild)

Criminal organization based in the city of Cassomir


Night Masks (guild)

The Night Masks are a criminal organization based in the city of Cassomir.
They control the criminal underworld of the city and perform assassinations, kidnappings, extortion, smuggling, and blackmail.


The Night Masks are headed by a council of four Night Masters, who reigns supreme over the entire guild. The guild is structured so that the higher up the leadership chain someone goes, the more protetion that person has. The Counts are the second in command and report to the Night Masters Each Count has several lieutenants who lead four-man squads of rand-and-file rogues: thugs, assassins, tricksters, ect. Whatever type of agent was needed for the job delegated to them. These squads are kept ignorant of any other squad so if something happens to one group, others could nog be affected. The watchword for the guild is “Plausible deniability”.

The Guild Code

Always follow the orders of your superiors
Do not harm guild members and associates in any way
Do not steal from guild members and associates
If you have a dispute with a guild member, solve it peacefully or report it to your superior
Address your superior by his or her rank
Rewards will be given as seen fit by your superiors
Harming or molesting a child is not acceptable unless ordered to by your superiors.
Mass murder is not acceptable unless ordered by you superiors
Teach children the ours ways of the shadows if they seem capable
Treason will be punished, always.


Night Masks (the guild)

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